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This item has been field tested by our Service Department, it is fantastic at cleaning mower decks. Great for riders and walk behinds, easy to use , just connect your hose to the high pressure nozzle and clip the cleaner to the deck. A very strong industrial magnet hold the spary and mow on and power scrubs the deck clean.

Directions for Use: 1) Turn off lawn mower engine.

2) Attach garden hose to Spray-n-Mow unit.

3) Attach the unit to the mower deck starting at the opposite end of the discharge. Place the spray unit along the side of the mower deck, magnet up, with the spray unit under the mower deck.

4) Check to see that the spray unit is below and clear of the mower blades.

5) Remove and re-attach the spray unit to another section of the deck, and repeat the procedure to thoroughly clean all sides of the mower deck. Further options:

1) With the Spray-N-Mow unit secured to the mower deck and ready for use, connect a universal shut-off valve between the water hose and the Spray-N-Mow unit.

2) Make sure the engine is not running and the mower deck blades are not rotating.

3) Keep hands clear of the mower blades. Place the Spray-N-Mow in a different position to clean the underneath of the deck where it was not previously sprayed.

4) Continue this process until all angles of the deck and directions of the mower deck blades have been sprayed. This will insure that all areas of the mower deck have been thoroughly cleaned.

Continue to follow all safety precautions!

Precaution: Always turn off the mower deck blades and engine when attaching or moving the spray unit onto or from the mower deck.

Use: The Spray-n-Mow unit does not require the mower deck blades to be engaged and rotating in order to clean the underside of the deck.

When replacing the mower deck blades, with the blades off the deck, attach the spray unit to the mower deck and pressure clean the underside of the deck and spindles.

Finish: With the cleaning cycle complete, allow the mower deck to dry.

For best results turn the water valve to a fully open position and use a moderate length, 50-75 hose for optimal water pressure

What is Spray-N-Mow? Spray-N-Mow is a revolutionary new product for removing the debris and grass that accumulate under the lawn mower deck. Unlike many new mowers with built-in deck wash systems, Spray-N-Mow directs a high-power cleansing spray upwards where the grass clippings accumulate. Spray-N-Mow has no moving parts, and is entirely safe because you use it when the mower is not running.

As you can see from the image on the right, Spray-N-Mow shoots several high-pressure jets of water upwards, scouring the underside of the mower's deck free of grass clippings, mulch, dirt, and other debris. An internal high-strength magnet securely attaches the unit to the side of the deck, so there's nothing to bolt or unbolt. If your desk is plastic or aluminum, just set it on the ground. Simply move it around the deck for a thorough cleaning. Nothing could be easier!

Because Integrated Deck Wash Systems Don't Work While they seem like an easy solution, integrated "deck wash systems" simply don't do the job. Water enters through the top of the deck and is directed downward, where it hits the moving blades. These blades fling the water out and down, away from the underside of the deck.

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