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Raticator Plus Rat & Mouse Trap

Improved solid state electronics delivers a deadly but humane shock to both mice and rats. Uses 4 "AA" cell batteries (not included). Good quality alkaline batteries will provide about six months of stand-by power or up to 50 humane kills per set of batteries. Lithium batteries can double the length of stand-by power, as well as the number of humane kills. Battery recommendations are detailed in the operating instructions. Once the batteries are installed, bait the trap using any dry food as an attractant to the rodent (dry pet food, trail mix, peanuts, etc.). No poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Turn the main power switch to the "ON" position. The dual purpose red light will check the battery power by turning on briefly to indicate battery power is good, and the Raticator Plus is ready to go. Mice,rats and other rodents enter the chamber and are humanely exterminated with a quick but deadly shock; leaving no mess. Flashing red light indicates when you have a catch. Turn the power switch to the "OFF" position and just tip the unit over the appropriate disposal receptacle to remove the rodent. Re-bait and return the power switch to the "ON" position. Easy-to-use and reusable. Optional remote monitoring is available with the Raticator indicator. Not waterproof. Not for outdoor use when exposed to rain or snow.

Rat Zapper Classic Rat and Mouse Killer
The BEST solution for rodent control. Uses 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not included)

The Rat Zapper Classic uses 4 AA- batteries and sophisticated electronic technology to deliver a deadly shock to mice and rats. Approximately 30 kills with AA alkaline batteries. Ideal for use at home, in the garage, at the office or anywhere else you find infestations.

Rat Zapper Classic: the better mouse trap •Simply bait with ordinary pet food. •Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched humanely with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. •No blood, no gore, no mess! •No poisons to endanger your pets or the environment •The red light tells you when you have a catch. •You don't even need to look at the rodent; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can.

Technical information:

•Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4" X 10" •30+ kills, 1 Year Battery Life! •Easy to use, and reusable •Not an ultrasonic device •Optional remote monitoring with the Rat Zapper Rat Tale
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